This approach makes each student an expert on some portion of an assignment. A reading selection introducing a new concept is subdivided by the teacher or a number of short articles related to the assignment are selected. Each student reads only one section or article. Students then report to the class what they learned in their section. Each student becomes “the expert” on his or her assignment.

Jigsaw grouping and reporting may be done in various ways; one common way follows.

  • Divide the class into equal groups- probably four to five- depending on the reading.
  • Each group reads a different passage, either a section of a longer piece or a complete short piece.
  • Students who read the same passage compare notes to confirm the main ideas.
  • Students then group so that each member has read a different passage. As “experts,” they share what they have learned.
  • The group then determines the main ideas from the combined reading and shares with the entire class. Students can prepare graphic organizers, make short oral presentations or use technology such as PowerPoint or overhead transparencies.





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