Readers Theater

One way to make an otherwise boring textbook assignment come to life as to try reader’s theater. This activity captures student’s imaginations, helps them get more from an assignment and offers an opportunity to practice writing skills. To conduct the theater, choose a chapter from the textbook. Divide the class into cooperative learning groups to study the chapter and decide on the main concept. Working as a team, each group can brainstorm a script.

Here are several suggestions to be followed in the reader’s theater process.

  • Ask each group to select a narrator to introduce everyone.
  • Prepare the script to teach an essential concept.
  • Conduct a review or wrap-up at the end.
Classes have preformed reader’s theater on such non-theatrical topics as finding the value of “x”, the scientific method or how to spot a run-on sentence. It is almost guaranteed that students will never forget a concept they learn in this way!


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