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Robert “Skip” Brown
Program Specialist,
Career, Technical & Agricultural Education

Georgia Educational Technology Training Center
One Seventh Street Fifth Floor
Augusta, Georgia 30901
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CTAE Professional Learning

CTAE Professional Learning is meeting the challenge of developing a world class Leadership and Instructional workforce, through the use of 21st century technologies. The goal of each professional learning activity will be its positive effect on student achievement. CTAE Administrative and CTAE Program Instructors are the two major areas of professional learning emphasis. Equipping our CTAE System and School Administrators to be the Instructional Leader right where they are and also providing the tools and resources for our CTAE Instructors to meet their instructional challenges and opportunities each day.

Additional groups and topics that have professional learning opportunities each year include:

Accountability and Program Improvement
Career Development and Counselors
Career Technical Student Organizations
Career Related Education
Transition Career Partnerships
Industry Certification Partnership
Program Delivery Specialists
FY2011 Advanced CTAE Leadership Professional Learning

Resources below were presented at the February 3, 2011 training held in Macon.

Session 1 – CTAE End-of-Pathway Assessment (EOPA) Update

Session 2A – Making AYP through CTAE

Presentation 1: Madison County High School - STEM Team Integration Unit

Presentation 2: Vickery Creek Middle School -Computer Technology as a Vehicle for Integration
Session 2B - Making AYP through CTAEDownload this document with presentation

Session 3A – Preserving Quality Education amidst Troubled Waters

Webinar link to Session 1 and 2 training | Link to Session 3 training

CTAE Webinar Library 2008-2009
  • CTAE Connection: Capital Equipment and OCR Updates

    The fall kickoff of our webinar series featured Dr. Dennis Clarke addressing updates to the Capital Equipment grant process and an overview of the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) facility visit process for selected school systems.

  • CTAE Connection: North Region Agriculture Drive-In

    North Region Agriculture office held their Fall Drive-In meeting to update teachers and advisors involving curriculum, FFA, CDE, and related events.

  • CTAE Connection: Central Region Agriculture Drive-In

    Central Region Agriculture office held their Fall Drive-In meeting to update teachers and advisors involving curriculum, FFA, CDE, and related events.

  • CTAE Connection: South Region Agriculture Drive-In

    South Region Agriculture office held their Fall Drive-In meeting to update teachers and advisors involving curriculum, FFA, CDE, and related events.

  • CTAE Connection: Energizing Professional Learning

    The next webinar in our series featured Skip Brown, Program Specialist for Professional Learning. Skip introduces participants to the professional learning process using the CTAERN web site, expectations of registrants for workshops throughout the year, and goals for the system.

  • CTAE Connection: Energized Local CTAE Programs, CTSOs

    Julie Kenny, Program Specialist for Career and Technical Student Organizations, discusses the benefits and opportunities available to students to become involved in our 9 CTSOs and join the more than 128,000 students who are developing leadership and technical skills in a co-curricular school organization.

  • CTAE Connection: Best Practices for High School and Middle School CTAE programs

    Ann Hatchell, CTAE High School Curriculum Coordinator, and John Pritchett, CTAE Middle School Curriculum Coordinator, introduced key best practices for their respective areas and invited teachers and administrators from across Georgia to share some of their best practices and methodologies with participants.

  • High Schools That Work: Understanding Your HSTW 2008 Assessment Data

    Dr. Steve Broome, Director of High Schools That Work at SREB, walks participants through the many parts of the 2008 SREB High Schools That Work Assessment Data.

  • CTAE Connection: The New web site

    Beth Caraccio, Program Specialist for, introduces participants to the new GSO web site and points out the location of CTAE performance standards, the location of curriculum unit resources, and additional features and resources for parents, teachers, and administrators.

  • Nontraditional Participation Core Indicator 6S1 Training

    Vivian Snyder, CTAE Career Development Coordinator, conducts a follow-up webinar focusing on nontraditional career opportunities that teachers or advisors can share with students to help them choose a career.

  • CTAE Connection: ECP Information and Grant Update

    Gary Mealer, CTAE Education Career Partnerships Coordinator, shares with participants during this webinar updates and new components of the ECP model and information essential to local systems to complete the ECP grant as part of the Local Plan application.

  • CTAE Connection: Career Related Education Innovations

    Dwayne Hobbs, Work-Based Learning and Youth Apprenticeship Coordinator, shares during this webinar information relevant to local administrators and teachers seeking updates made to the Career Related Education program this year, while helping educators make plans for the upcoming school year.
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