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Family and Consumer Science

Program Concentration: Family and Consumer Science

Middle School Family and Consumer Science courses

What It's About

Family and Consumer Science program prepares students for post secondary education and careers in the business related aspects of family and consumer sciences. It provides opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors that students need to become responsible citizens and leaders; and to manage the challenges of living and working in a diverse global society.

In addition to classroom/ laboratory instruction, which aids in the development of academic and technical skills, the Family and Consumer Sciences program also includes participation in the Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), a career and technical student organization. FCCLA provides an array of activities to enhance student academic and technical competencies and develop leadership and communication skills.

Why It's Important

Nutrition and Food Science:

  • Nutrition is an important life skill – without proper nutrition, individuals may develop many health related diseases and disorders.
  • Food Science enables research to develop new products in the market place that might prevent disease or add longevity to your life.

Students that choose this pathway may further their studies for a career as a nutritionist, dietitian, or food scientist.

Consumer Services

  • Serious financial problems are arising among consumers. It is important for students to understand budgets, credit, consumer rights and responsibilities

Students that choose this pathway may further their studies for a career in credit counseling, financial planning, or a number of consumer services.

Interior Design

  • The media has played an enormous role in the interest of this pathway. Design is all around us whether in the home, a commercial business or retail establishment.
  • This pathway also has a focus on textile science and how to test and determine appropriate uses for textiles as they relate to interior design.

Students that pursue this pathway may further their studies for a career as an interior designer, interior decorator, showroom designer or textile scientist.

Career Related Education

All career pathways in Family and Consumer Sciences have career related activities which will prepare students for the school to career transition. The range of these activities varies from job shadowing, internships, cooperative education and youth apprenticeship.

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