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Phyllis Johnson
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Program Concentration: Government and Public Safety

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Middle School Government and Public Safety courses

The government and public safety program offers a wide variety of career opportunities for students. Choosing a career in this service industry provides students with a challenging pathway to their future. If you visit a public safety program in Georgia, you may see a mock trial in progress, a simulated crime scene, CPR training, the fingerprinting process, a table top emergency plan, or a demonstration of fire rescue techniques, but you definitely will see students who are excited about learning.

The two pathways being offered as part of the government and public safety program concentration area offer schools the chance to provide students preparation for continued post secondary education. Students can be introduced to the program at the middle school level and then continue into a more advanced high school curriculum. There will always be a need for qualified professionals in this area, and Georgia schools are helping to prepare a dedicated public safety workforce for the future.

Public Safety Resources
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Law and Justice Pathway rollout 2009
Homeland Security Pathway GPS rollout 2009

Web Resources
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