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Marketing, Sales and Service

FAQs About Marketing, Sales and Services

Where are the new/revised marketing pathways (courses with standards)?

Use the following URL to get to the CTAE Home page ( Once on the CTAE home page, find the first heading, "Career, Technical and Agricultural Education Standards", at the top of the center column. Click on “Performance Standards” under this heading. Once on the "Georgia" page, scroll down the center column to the "Marketing and Management Pathway", and click on the desired course.

Where are the current marketing curriculum frameworks (courses with QCC’s)?

Until the curriculum pathways (courses with standards) are approved by the Georgia School Board, the current curriculum frameworks (courses with QCC’s) are to be used.

To find these courses, use the following URL ( Once on the CTAE home page, find the second heading, "Programs", in the center column. Click on "Curriculum Frameworks" under this heading. Once on this page, you will find the courses for "Fashion Marketing", "Food Marketing, Sales and Distribution", "Hotel and Lodging Management", "Marketing Management" and "Travel and Tourism".

Where are the older "to be deleted" marketing courses?

The marketing courses that were in place prior to the 2000 – 2002 curriculum revision are on GaDOE’s "to be deleted" list. Since courses remain on the "to be deleted" list for seven years (giving school systems enough time to phase these courses out), some schools/systems may still be using these courses and/or may need to retrieve them for historical information.

To find these courses, use the following URL ( Once on the GaDOE home page, find the far left column and look down to the second heading entitled, "State Board of Education". Click on "State Education Rules". As you scroll down the page, you will see a long list of rules by title and number. Continue to scroll down until you see number 160-4-2-.03 and the title "List of State-Funded K-8 Subjects and 9 – 12 Courses". Once you see the long list of courses, scroll down to page 64. You will see the .06 courses (shared courses between business and marketing) under the heading "Business Management" and then the .08 marketing courses under the heading "Marketing and Distribution".

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