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Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (S.T.E.M.)

Through the Carl D. Perkins Perkinsplus Reserve Fund Grants, Georgia Local Education Agencies (LEA’s) submitted grant requests to supplement the resources of local school systems in rural areas; areas with high percentages of career and technology education students. Local school systems may apply for grant funds to support the implementation of a Georgia’s CTAE S.T.E.M. initiatives infusing the integration of real world application, project-based learning into cross-curricular standards.

Systems were scored based on the activity and need by identifying non-traditional activities to be implemented or improved, academic and technical course sequences, instructor qualifications, and identification of Career Cluster where program aligned. Also included were descriptions of how activities aligned for program improvement and sustainability strategies for maintaining the project. A plan for Operation and Timeline, key personnel, and budget with budget narrative were also required.

Georgia’s CTAE S.T.E.M. initiative is also working with other divisions within the Department of Education to better implement, sustain, and improve the capabilities of an instruction-rich STEM-focus in our local Georgia school systems.

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