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System Technology Planning

System technology plans are needed to ensure coherent, effective use of federal, state and local education technology funds to support student achievement. To be eligible for E-Rate, Title II-D formula and competitive grant funding, systems are required to have current, approved technology plans. A technology plan is designed to improve education and should cover the entire funding year (July 1 to June 30) but not more than three years. The plan must contain the following five elements:

  • Goals and realistic strategy for using telecommunications and information technology
  • A professional development strategy
  • An assessment of telecommunication services, hardware, software, and other services needed
  • Budget resources
  • Ongoing evaluation process

In Augus of 2006, the GaDOE implemented the Consolidated LEA Implementation Plan (CLIP). The CLIP is a required plan for every LEA in Georgia and encompasses all required information for federal and state funded programs (all E-Rate requirements are covered by the CLIP). The GaDOE has created a CLIP-Technology Plan rubric that allows Georgia LEAs to construct their technology plan while simultaneously answering CLIP questions concerning E-Rate. The CLIP-Technology Plan Rubric is formatted in order to copy and paste the Technology Plan directly into the CLIP. GaDOE employees review and approve the CLIP; however the components required for E-Rate are reviewed, approved and certified by a Schools and Libraries Division (SLD) Certified Technology Plan Approver. Georgia LEAs CLIPs are housed within the Consolidated Application Website.

Approved CLIPS cover a period of not more than three years. All approved plans should include provisions for evaluating progress toward the plan's goals. Even though the technology plans are on a three year revision standard, LEA technology plans should undergo periodic revisions to take advantage of new hardware, software, and telecommunication opportunities. During the approved three year term of a technology plan, these revisions do not require GaDOE approval; however, the LEA should document all revisions. As school or library staff become more proficient in the use of these information technologies, new education and library service improvement possibilities are also likely to emerge. A technology plan should be responsive to these opportunities, open to revision, and not be a static document.

For Information on Technology Plan Approval, contact your local ETC GaDOE certified approver (see left for contact information).

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