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Title II, Part D - Enhancing Education Through Technology

The primary goal of the Title II, Part D program is to improve student academic achievement through the effective use of technology in schools. Title II, Part D is designed to assist every student in crossing the digital divide by ensuring that every student is technologically literate by the end of eighth grade, and to encourage the effective integration of technology through teacher training and curriculum development to establish successful, research-based instructional methods. Funded through the No Child Left Behind Act (2001), Georgia provides grants to local educational agencies on the basis of their proportionate share of funding under Title I, Part A.

The Georgia Department of Education retains 5% of its total Title II, Part D allocation for state-level activities, and distributes the remainder competitively to eligible local educational agencies (LEAs). We believe that through the competitive grants, we can better target specific improvements in student achievement through the use of technology and we can better track, monitor, and evaluate the impact. All districts who are eligible for the competitive grants will be notified through their superintendent and all eligible schools will receive notification through their principal.

Continuing Competitive Grants

FY11 Integrating the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS-S) to Prepare College and Career Ready Students
FY11 Title IID Competitive grant titled Integrating the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS-S) to Prepare College and Career Ready Students will specifically address the need to integrate rigorous technology standards into the K-8 Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) and the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS), thus providing an effective curriculum to improve student mastery of 21st century skills.

FY10 Title II, Part D ARRA Competitive Grants
The Ed Tech ARRA funds provide an unprecedented opportunity to implement 21st century classrooms using innovative strategies that enhance instruction, facilitate teaching and learning, and improve student achievement.

FY10 Engaging AP Students Through Mobile Handheld Computing
The FY10 Title IID Competitive grant titled Engaging AP Students Through Mobile Handheld Computing will specifically address three identified areas of need:

  1. To improve the quality of Advanced Placement (AP) programs as measured by AP exam scores;
  2. To increase enrollments in AP classes statewide, thereby providing a broader spectrum of learners with access to college-level courses in the supportive atmosphere of a high school classroom;
  3. To increase the diversity of students who choose to enroll in AP courses to more accurately reflect the demographics of the school as a whole.

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