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State Board Decisions

The State Board of Education decides appeals of decisions rendered by local boards of education in matters of school law pursuant to O.C.G.A. 20-2-1160. The appeals primarily involve matters relating to student discipline and the discipline and termination of certificated personnel, although any matter of school law can be appealed. The State Board has been issuing written decisions in these appeals since the 1970's. Eventually all written decisions of the State Board will be posted on the web in a searchable format.

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1976-19 Robert Salisbury vs. Savannah City Board of Education
On May 19, 1975, the Appellant, Robert Salisbury, signed a contract of employment as a teacher with the Board of Public Education for the City of Savannah and the County of Chatham, Georgia (hereinafter "Local Board"), Appellee herein. The effective date of employment set forth in the contract was September 1, 1975. On September 8, 1975, the Superintendent orally informed Appellant that he was terminated. On September 11, 1975, the Superintendent sent a letter to Appellant informing him that a hearing on the termination would be held before the Local Board on September 24, 1975. The hearing commenced on September 24, 1975, and on September 29, 1975, the Local Board entered a decision to demote Appellant from the supervisory position he held to a position of classroom teacher with his pay to be continued at the level of his supervisory position until such time as the assignment to classroom teacher was made....
1976-17 Eddie Henderson and George Leslie Edmundson vs. Fulton County Board of Education
On March 31, 1976, Appellants were given notices of discharge by their immediate supervisor. They asked for and were granted a hearing before the Fulton County Board of Education (hereinafter ''Local Board"). On May 14, 1976, the Local Board ordered that Appellants not be discharged. Appellant Henderson was reinstated with back pay as of May 1, 1976, and Appellant Edmondson was to be reinstated on July 1, 1976. Appellant Henderson therefore suffered a one-month suspension without pay, and Appellant Edmondson suffered a three-month suspension without pay. ...
1976-14 Stan Dawson vs. Rome City Board of Education
On May 29, 1976, following extensive hearings, the Rome Board of Education decided that the 1976-77 contract of Stan Dawson (hereinafter "Appellant") with the Rome City School System would not be renewed. By letter dated June 9, 1976, Mr. Dawson, through his attorney, appealed this decision. Based upon the briefs and argument of counsel, the grounds for appeal were: (1) The Rome City Board of Education (hereinafter the "Local Board") was not an impartial tribunal; (2) The Local Board improperly permitted hearsay testimony to be introduced at the hearing, and (3) The Local Board failed to obtain sufficient evidence to sustain its decision to not renew Appellant’s contract. The State Board of Education finds against the Appellant and sustains the decision of the Local Board. ...
1976-12 James C. Lewis vs. Rome City Board of Education
On April 8, 1976, Mr. James C. Lewis was given written notice that he would not be recommended for employment for the 1976-1977 school term. On April 15, 1976, Mr. Lewis, through counsel, requested a hearing before the Rome City Board of Education (hereinafter "Local Board") and a listing of the reasons for non-renewal of his contract. Mr. Lewis was provided with notice of the reasons of nonrenewal which included: (1) Unsatisfactory classroom management; (2) Insubordination and failure to cooperate with the school administration, and (3) Insubordination and willful neglect of duties. On June 12, 1976, a hearing was held before the Local Board and on June 13, 1976, the Local Board rendered its decision that Mr. Lewis' contract for the 1976-77 school term would not be renewed. ...
1976-11 Nicholas Antone vs. Greene County Board of Education
Nicholas Antone, a teacher in the Greene County School system, was not rehired for the 1976-77 school year, and was notified by letter from the Superintendent on March 3, 1976, that he had not been recommended. Mr. Antone had more than 3 years service with the Greene County system and was entitled to the hearing rights provided by the Fair Dismissal Law of 1975 (Georgia Laws 1975, 360). By letter of May 19, 1976, the Superintendent provided him with a statement of the grounds. (insubordination and incompetency) and notification of hearing date. ...
1976-10 Mordia Johnson vs. Taylor county Board of Education
Mordia Johnson, a teacher employed by the Taylor County Board of Education, was notified by said Board prior to April 15, 1976, that the said Board had tentatively decided not to renew her contract for the 1976-1977 school year. The teacher has been employed in the system for the past three (3) years and was advised in writing of her right to a hearing. The teacher requested a hearing. The teacher was advised in writing of the time and place of the hearing. The notice stated the reasons for nonrenewal of her contract as (a) improper language and (b) failure to follow Board policy. ...
1976-09 James V. Kauffman vs. Putnam County Board of Education
James V. Kauffman brought this appeal to the State Board of Education from a decision by the Putnam County Board of Education not to renew his teaching contract for the 1976-77 school year. Mr. Kauffman, the principal of the Putnam County High School, had been employed by that system for more than three years. ...
1976-08 Mary Beth Palmer vs. Putman County Board of Education
Upon recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Archie Swymer, at a regular meeting of the Putnam County Board of Education on April 13, 1976, the board made a tentative decision not to renew the teaching contract of Mary Beth Palmer for the 1976- 77 school year. Ms. Palmer was a tenured teacher under the definition given in the Fair Dismissal Act. ...
1976-07 Geraldine Harrison vs. Chattooga County Board of Education
This case on appeal was filed with the State Board of Education by Geraldine Harrison who had been employed by the Chattooga County Board of Education, but her contract was not renewed for the 1975-76 school year. She was, however, given a hearing and the transcript shows that all parties, including Ms. Harrison and her attorney, acknowledged that she had not been employed by the Chattooga County Board of Education for a period of three years. The Fair Dismissal Act (Ga. Laws 1975, page 360) makes no provision for a hearing to be given to a teacher, or other employees, in a contract non-renewal case unless that person has been employed for three years or longer. ...
1976-06 Nick Toney vs. Commerce City Board of Education
Following a hearing duly held on September 2, 1976, the City of Commerce Board of Education, Appellee herein, decided that Nick Toney, Appellant herein, had not earned any credits towards graduation during his junior year at Commerce High School as a result of his suspension from school for the remainder of the school year on April 20, 1976. The original suspension was appealed to and upheld by the State Board of Education in a decision dated May 13, 1976. Nick Toney now appeals the September 2, 1976 decision of the City of Commerce Board of Education (hereinafter "Local Board"). ...
1976-04 Delane Purvis vs. Cook County Board of Education
Cook County High School and the Cook County Board of Education adopted rules which forbid the use or possession of any drugs, narcotics, or alcoholic beverages at any school function or on the school campus. On or about December 19, 1975, Delane Purvis, a student at Cook County High School, together with two other students, violated that rule and brought onto the campus alcoholic beverages and were charged by the school officials for this offense and also for drinking the same. Delane was questioned by the school principal, Mr. Ken Williams, on January 5, 1976, and was thereafter suspended pending hearing. After a hearing was held, the Cook County Board of Education voted to expel Delane for the remainder of the 1975-76 School Term. ...
1976-02 Douglas M. Echols vs. DeKalb County Board of Education
Charges were lodged by the Superintendent of DeKalb County against Douglas M. Echols, a Chamblee High School football coach, for "unprofessional conduct" in distributing a written memorandum to his eighth grade football players preceding an emotionally charged game against the "Lakeside Vikings." While the writing and distribution of this memorandum forms the basis of this appeal, it serves no useful purpose ~o print here its content. ...
1976-01 James L. Bevel vs. Gainesville City Board of Education
James L. Bevel, a teacher employed by the Gainesville City Board of Education, was discharged by that Board on November 24, 1975. On December 19, 1975, Mr. Bevel filed his Notice of Appeal to the State Board of Education although the appeal was filed beyond the fifteen day period of time authorized by Section 5 of the Rules and Regulations of the State Board of Education governing appeals. Notwithstanding the late filing, the State Board of Education docketed the appeal and on January 28, 1976, notified Mr. Bevel that his case was scheduled for hearing on Thursday, April 8, 1976, and also instructed Mr. Bevel to file his brief of facts and law within twenty days. On March 31, 1976, Mr. Bevel had not yet filed his brief and he was again notified that his case would not be rescheduled for hearing tmti1 his brief was submitted, and that if it were not submitted within twenty days, his appeal would be dismissed. ...