Improving student achievement by expanding public school options through the development of high quality charter schools.
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Charter Systems/Charter Advisory Committee

The Charter Advisory Committee (CAC) is a state-level body with nine members. Three members are each appointed by the Lt. Governor, Speaker of the House and the Chair of the State Board of Education.

The CAC makes recommendations for approval or denial of charter system petitions, periodically makes recommendations on charter policy, and recommends disbursement of planning grants for charter systems.

The CAC works in cooperation with the Charter Schools Division and assists charter petitioners with innovative education programs and school level governance based on research and model programs. The CAC will also monitor and assist approved charter systems throughout the state.

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CAC Information
  2009 Mid Year Report
  Relevant Sections of the CHARTER SCHOOLS ACT

Charter Systems
  Charter System Petition Application
  Approved Charter Systems
  Proposed Charter Systems
  Federal Non Regulatory Guidance
  IE2, Charter, Status Quo Comparison

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