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Supporting educational programs designed to meet the unique needs of students with disabilities.
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Debbie Gay
Director, Special Education Services and Supports

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All students with disabilities in Georgia will participate in a challenging educational program designed to meet their unique needs that results in increased academic performance and prepares them for employment and independent living.

The Divisions for Special Education Services and Supports include programs and services that support local school districts in their efforts to provide special education and related services to students with disabilities. These services focus on enhancing student achievement and post-secondary outcomes through implementation of regional and statewide activities for students, families, educators, administrators, and other stakeholders. Targeted areas for services and supports include accessible instructional materials, assistive technology, curriculum access and alignment, dropout prevention, family engagement, least restrictive environment, positive behavior supports, and transition. Additional services include ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations for special education, collecting and analyzing data on educational services and outcomes, providing guidance and oversight of the budgets for state and federal special education funds, and coordinating dispute resolution requirements as required by state and federal regulations.

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Induction Pilot 2011-2012
Curriculum Access for Students with SCD
Learning Port
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Sp Ed Diploma Guidelines
SWD Can Make AYP
Testing - Accommodations Manual
Testing - Student Assessment Handbook 2010-2011
Transition at Age 3
Transition to Post-Secondary

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