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Implementing the Georgia Performance Standards.
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Pamela H. Smith, Ed.S.
Director, Curriculum and Instruction

1754 Twin Towers East
205 Jesse Hill Jr. Drive SE
Atlanta, GA 30334
 (404) 463-4141

Sheila White
Secretary III

 (404) 463-0934

Toni Tecle
Financial Worker

 (404) 651-7273

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We will improve student achievement in Georgia by providing a guaranteed and viable curriculum, the Georgia Performance Standards.

Curriculum and Instruction

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Graduation Requirements
160-4-2-.48 - Student Entering 9th Grade in 2008 and Subsequent Years
Graduation Requirement Guidance

160-4-2-.20 IDA (3) State Funded K-8 and 9-12 Courses for Students Entering 9th Grade in 2008 and Subsequent Years

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(ASCD) Assoc. for Supervision and Curriculum Development
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Approved in August 2010 for 2010-2011
IDA 3 Rule 160-4-2-.20
IDA 3 Rule 160-4-2-.20 Course List