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Integrating Cybersafety into your School’s Curriculum

Schools have an important responsibility to integrate education about the safe and responsible use of technology into every curriculum area at all levels. This can range from reiterating key messages from the students’ use agreement before using a computer lab, to incorporating cybersafety themed lessons into each subject taught at your school.

Educating students about cybersafety and how to be an effective cybercitizen aligns closely with each of the key competencies identified in the Georgia Performance Standards is crucial for young students to master. As well, the values outlined in the curriculum align well with the concept of cybercitizenship, particularly those of integrity, inquiry, community and participation. The importance of incorporating such education is increasingly paramount as the sophistication of young people’s cyber-literacy continues to develop.

The Cybercitizenship Pathway provides teachers with a practical guide to integrating cybercitizenship into their learning programs. Cybercitizenship is best developed when it is embodied and modeled in every interaction with cyberspace, and in every learning area. As technology becomes increasingly integrated into the curriculum so too must the principles of cybercitizenship.

NetSafe offers several resources to assist you in disseminating cybersafety education to your students. Teachers are trained to deliver the curriculum and meet the learning needs of students at particular ages and developmental levels. Thus the content and teaching methods in these materials takes this into account.

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