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NetSafe Cybersafety Professional Learning Modules

The NetSafe professional learning modules are a range of cybersafety workshops designed to support schools as they develop and maintain a cybersafe school learning environment. Each module complements this NetSafe Kit for Schools and offers specialized training for key school personnel, covering legislative requirements related to school cybersafety and professional, educational and technological issues.

The modules are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure their content remains topical with regard to technology, issues and incidents.

NetSafe has developed the modules through an extensive process of trial and development. Consultation groups include electronic forensic specialists, law enforcement and the Ministry of Education’s technology team, as well as technology specialists and organizations working in, and associated with, schools. Georgia customization was developed by the Georgia Department of Education, Georgia Bureau of Investigation, school distrtechnology, and educational partners.

The workshops will help your school to more confidently embrace safety issues associated with technology. In combination with the use of this NetSafe Kit for Schools, they will help schools improve their knowledge and capability in this area, and assist in their provision of a cybersafe learning environment.

The training modules that NetSafe currently offer are: