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Presenting the Cybersafety Policy and Use Agreements to School Staff

The cybersafety policy adopted by your Board will have links with other policies your school has (for example, the bullying/harassment policy). In order for the staff at your school to fully understand and accept the policy and use agreements, NetSafe suggests that they are presented and discussed at a staff meeting.

Suggested procedure:

Distribute the policy and use agreements prior to a staff meeting so that staff have the opportunity to read through documents and formulate any questions.

At the staff meeting, it is important that staff are able to raise any queries, discuss any issues and have matters clarified.

After the cybersafety team have customized the use agreements for your school, it is suggested that staff are given the opportunity to seek clarification on any matters contained in the agreements. It is likely that staff may have more questions regarding the use agreements than the policy document. It may be important to note to the staff that all the documents have been through a thorough and wide consultation process with key sector representatives.

Staff will need to have a return date by which the use agreement is signed and collected at a designated collection point. Signed return of the use agreement may be tied to the receipt of a unique user account (that you use to log onto the school computers) received by each staff member from the school technology specialist.