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Certified/Classified Personnel Information (CPI) System Operations Guide

Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) System Operations Guide

Financial Management for Georgia LUAS Manual

Section I - Generally Accepted Accounting and Financial Reporting Principles Section II - Financial Reporting Section III - The Accounting Cycle Procedures Section IV - Financial Management Section V - Other Information Section VI - Regional Educational Service Agencies Section VII - Appendices

The Financial Management for Georgia Local Units of Administration Manual is currently being revised by the Department's Financial Review office. As additional topics are prepared for the Manual, they will be added to this web page. You are encouraged to check back intermittently for the addition of these topics. For assistance with the information provided, please contact Financial Review at (404) 656-2447.

Payroll System Operations Guide

Personnel System Operations Guide

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Calendar Year 2011 Release Information

Calendar Year 2010 Release Information

Calendar Year 2010 Checklists

Calendar Year 2009 Release Information

Calendar Year 2009 Checklists

Calendar Year 2009 PowerPoints and Surveys

Technical System Operations Guide
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