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Robert “Skip” Brown
Program Specialist,
Career, Technical & Agricultural Education

Georgia Educational Technology Training Center
One Seventh Street Fifth Floor
Augusta, Georgia 30901
 (404) 657-8336
 (770) 344-4413

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Professional Development - (TALL) Teachers as Leaders and Learners

Teachers as Leaders and Learners (TALL)

CTAE TALL is a leadership institute sponsored by the Georgia Association of Career and Technical Educators (GACTE), Career, Technical and Agricultural Education Resource Network (CTAERN) and the Georgia Department of Career, Technical and Agricultural Education (GADOE CTAE), and is designed for CTAE classroom teachers who wish to gain valuable skills in the areas of team building, leadership, priority management, business engagement, legislative advocacy, communication and the importance of workforce development.


  • To develop leadership skills for CTAE instructors.
  • To recognize outstanding CTAE professionals.
  • To prepare CTAE professionals to serve as leaders in their respective discipline.


The TALL membership shall consist of individuals who

  • Are currently employed as CTAE classroom teachers.
  • Have been employed as a CTAE instructor for three (3) concurrent years up to date.
  • Are members of ACTE/GACTE, and held membership for three (3) consecutive years up to date.
  • Have a desire to develop leadership skills.
  • Want to develop skills that will enhance their role as a CTAE professional.

Financial Support

  • All participant travel requirements except GACTE Summer Conference.
  • All facility use expenses.
  • All trainer/presenter expenses.
  • All instructional support materials.

Local School/System

  • Provide and pay for substitute teacher when teacher is participating in TALL events during scheduled school days.
  • Provide travel and registration support to GACTE Summer Conference.


  • Dedicate yourself to professional growth.
  • Give of your personal time.
  • Give of your instructional time.

2008-2009 TALL Application Information
(Postmark Deadline July 1, 2008)

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